FTD values living in harmony with our pets

We need to go beyond the level of simply ‘feeding and walking them’ and more towards ‘making better use of their data’ for happier and healthier life together with our pets


Move To Earn,
M2E Platform

Physical activities of dogs will be recorded as the M2E platform is used



Partnerships with companies that own data from outside activity such as veterinary clinics and animal food manufacturers



Users get access to a community channel where they can interact and share information with other pet owners whose pets have identical or similar traits to their own, including type, age and health conditions.


Data Management

Collecting and processing both the external data and the data generated as we live together with our pets, FTD will be better able to provide solutions tailored to pets.

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And make each movement of you and your dogs count !

Using Dog NFTs, you can raise their levels and are awarded accordingly. You can also make a new NFT through breeding, and once its life comes to an end, you can enshrine it in a memorial hall in the metaverse to remember and cherish it forever.

Users equipped with dog NFTs can earn coins by walking, jogging and running outdoors


Game token:BTD (a game currency and the means of exchange with FTD, a governance token) Users are equipped with their unique Dog NFTs. They can take their dogs outside to go for a walk, jog or run and earn BTD which can be used within the game or converted into real cash for profits.


Governance token:FTD Users obtain BTD from Levels 0 to 29. Level 30 or higher users may continue to obtain BTD or convert the currency to FTD tokens